I don’t think I could count on all of my fingers and toes the amount of times that I have wished for more hours in the day… That said though, I don’t think I would have it any other way even if I could. The busy lifestyle and action-packed days really agree with my temperament and I enjoy being active to a high level. It’s been a key part of my success to date, and it’s something that I want to continue with. I have been in the lucky position of running three businesses successfully for the past five years, and have recently expanded into offices in Kuala Lumpur. I got Servcorp's Virtual Office & Serviced Offices to help me save money and set up, and I am delighted to say that things have only gotten better. But - they weren’t always this great!

Throughout all of this, my journey has been filled with ups and downs - and I have learned a lot along the way. I learned that I needed to be my own harshest critic when it came to my

There is a growing trend for smaller individual businesses offering a personal touch as opposed to the large impersonal superstores that have dominated over the last decades. This is particularly true for pharmacies, where the relationship between the pharmacist and their clients builds consumer confidence. Below are the main points to consider if you are planning to open your own pharmacy.

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Franchise, takeover or start from scratch?

These are the three main choices when deciding to open a pharmacy. Franchises are easier to open, as you already have a brand name, but they do not allow you the freedom to follow your own personal path. Purchasing a running pharmacy with an established customer base is a good option but may come at a high price. Perhaps the most difficult route is to start up a completely new business and build it from scratch; however, in this way you can be in total control and be master of your own destiny.

Legal framework

Make sure you meet with a solicitor to guide you through the legal process of setting

Badminton has been a part of the summer Olympic Games ever since 2002 and there is a good chance that you have been caught up with the excitement recently. The Men’s singles final is scheduled to take place on the 20th August but you can check out the odds to bet on badminton Olympic World Champion now. Maybe it’s even got you in the mood to try out badminton for yourself, and seeing as the sport can be play indoors and outdoors you can play and enjoy it all year round. Here we take a look at the must-have songs to help you prepare for your big badminton games.

Bastille – Good Grief

You’ve probably still got the ultra catchy Pompeii lyrics stuck in your head, but now indie pop outfit Bastille are back with brand new album Wild World due out September 9th. With a new album comes a new lead single and Bastille have hit the ground running with Good Grief. With sound bites from 1980’s movie Weird Science, a rapid beat and memorable lyrics, this song will get stuck in your head and pump you up. You can listen to the song now on online platforms such

efIt's not surprising that many organizations are continually updating and revising their performance management systems in an effort to achieve better results and improve fairness and accuracy. However, many of you who work in the public or private sector are most likely painfully aware that these efforts do not have the desired impact.

We've identified eight of the most common changes and enhancements and why each may-or may not-add value.

1. Web-Based Systems

Web-based systems facilitate the collection of data which, in turn, facilitates cascading goals. It also provides a common framework for managers and employees and prompts for participating in the various components of performance management, thereby increasing consistency in application.

A well-developed Web-based performance management system will help improve consistency of application across the organization, and it will likely enhance perceptions of fairness and accuracy. However, technology does not address manager skill or commitment to developing people; nor does it help clarify the link between pay and performance.

2. Rating Scales

One of the most common changes organizations make to their performance management systems centers on the rating scale used to evaluate performance.

If you are using a

fvOnce learning plans have been instituted into a company's curriculum, it is now time to start figuring out the best ways to measure the impact of these plans in relation to the company and its projected growth and development outlook. Although there isn't one particular formula to follow, there are some tips that one can use in order to help them find that true measure of impact that all companies are looking for.

Even though there isn't one set measurement method, it is important that a company choose at least one measurement that they feel will best suit their particular businesses needs. Companies that do not partake in measuring learning impacts will not be able to fully understand the impact that learning can have on their business: either they don't understand how to measure the impact, don't have the required resources, or it is not seen as a high-priority issue.

Since it is quite difficult to calculate the impact of learning because it is a qualitative measure, the top 3 techniques that are presently being selected for measuring the impact that learning has on a business

qWhether it is the expectation of the company or the assumption that training can fix anything, too often companies are trying to create the perfect employee through training intervention. If we focus on hiring the capabilities we need and training the competencies that are missing, we will be more successful in creating an effective employee for the job opening.

Let's begin with the interviewing process you are using. After the employment application is completed there is usually someone who is assigned to screen the pile and look for ways to weed out the "unqualified" and move the "qualified" to the top of the pile. This may even be the same person who conducts the first interview, but is rarely the hiring manager. Yet, even if this is the hiring manager, are they both looking for qualifications from experience only? Are they throwing out the application because this person has not done this exact job before? If so, there is a problem in your process from the very beginning!

When we talk about hiring capabilities we are not necessarily always talking about specific tasks. Let's say you

dvFinding and hiring staff is no less than an unpleasant experience for most small business owners.

Couple that with training and then hoping the person does a good job... well let's just say the odds are stacked against you.

So how can I make it better for you is what you might be asking yourself about now.

The answer is by looking within before looking for your next team member.

A much deeper answer than you likely were seeking.

But it's true.

If you look at yourself and change the mentality you are using when searching for your next employee, everything else will fall into place.

Most small business owners are looking for the 'experienced pro' at a great price to fill the position.

This is where it already goes wrong.

Let's look at hiring a chiropractic assistant (C.A.) for a front office position in an insurance or cash practice as an example.

Most chiropractic small business owners would love to hire a C.A. with 10 years of experience in the same job description the owner is trying to fill.

I believe this is a mistake and have proven that it is time and time

1jSpa employee reviews can be tense and dreaded but they don't have to be! Every spa business should hold employee reviews annually around the date of when the employee began. There are many different reasons to perform employee reviews and they are beneficial to both the spa employee and the spa owner/spa manager.

A good employee review will accomplish the following:

Legal protection

Improvement in quality of work

Goal setting

Discussion of advancement opportunities

Increased job satisfaction

Eliminate the stress of a spa employee review by following these five simple steps:

1. Be Consistent

It's vital to keep spa employee reviews consistent. You want to set the pace and build expectation within the business. Communicate clearly when and where the review will take place every year. Set the appointment at least ten days in advance and makes sure you give your employee plenty of time to prepare. Keep in mind that whether you're conducting a review with a spa manager or spa front desk worker, the reviews should be handled the same. Pick a place to hold the spa employee review that's private and where there will be no interruptions.

2. Prepare Yourself &

1fDisclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely mine and not those of my employer or anyone else; nor are they intended as professional HR counseling upon which readers should rely.

"The only thing that is constant is change." Heraclitus

We live in a fast-paced, dynamic and constantly changing environment (political, economic, social and technological) and businesses today need to be more agile than ever before. They need to be responsive, adaptable, flexible and constantly evolving to the needs and demands of their clients. Cultural change is often an essential prerequisite for successful implementation of any change program.

First, let's come to a common understanding of corporate culture. The term has been bandied about for decades. The basic definition of corporate culture is the collective way that an organization operates: 'how we do things around here'. However, the concept is fairly complex. Usually, a culture has developed over time and can be one of the most difficult challenges for leaders to address and change, especially in government agencies and departments.

As the Chief Human Resource Officer for a large cabinet level agency, I found that driving

1yWinning the respect, trust and confidence of line managers and making a difference

Ask many line managers what they think of HR managers and you will get a variety of views from the positive to the most damning.

Examples are:

- "Excellent. Very professional."

- "Very responsive, supportive and helpful"

- "Great if I can ever get hold of them"

- "Talk their own language. Not really in touch with the needs of the business. A bit flakey"

- "You mean the dead hand of HR!"

As the issue of effective HR management has grown in importance over the years so has the need for HR managers to be both responsive and proactive in meeting the needs of their developing organisations.

Clearly it's important that an organisation's employees are paid on time, they are able to access the benefits they are entitled to and can receive straightforward help and advice from HR when needed.

This operational piece of the HR management responsibility needs to be reliable and responsive in every respect. Getting the basics right is all important.

So is partnering with line managers in recruitment activities, performance management processes, training and personal development provision.

lHiring the right employees for your business can be a challenge. Most of my clients were adamant that they have excellent recruiting processes. The people they hired went through rigorous interviews, had great backgrounds, and should be performing at expected levels. However, the key performance indicators where telling a different story.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Dismissing the usual answer - "the employee must have lied during their interview" - we dug deeper and asked these key questions:
Are expectations clear?
Are expectations realistic?
Is management sending mixed messages?
Does the person have the tools to do their job well?
Is the organization creating any barriers preventing them from doing their job well?

Hiring the Right People But For the Wrong Jobs

After asking all the key questions, management realized they were hiring the right employees, but for the wrong jobs. The people they hired were a good fit for their core values and were well-credentialed. They just were not what these companies needed in order to produce the required outcomes for the jobs at hand. We see this all the time! Management does not spend enough time

1gI often relate this process to riding a roller coaster for the first time. You are waiting in line, anxious, nervous and curious all at the same time. It is finally your turn, and you hop in the seat, buckle up and at this point you are fully committed. You have no option but to go for it.

There is that moment when you are still climbing of both trust and release. At the top of the hill, there is a 2 second pause of complete silence where you almost lose your breath completely. At this point, you must trust you will be brought back home safely. You scream and laugh through the rest of the ride and the coaster starts to slow down and eventually stop. You unbuckle yourself, and walk off the ride with a sense of satisfaction and exhilaration.

That wasn't as scary as you thought it would be.

Reaching a turning point in your business is a process. It is never just one thing, but a series of cyclical events when you realize everything shifts and changes. I discovered the following 5 steps

stTwo important measurements of the health of your business are the predictability and consistency of your revenue growth rate. If someone were to ask you "What was the growth rate in your profit in each of the last 3 years?"; "What was it last quarter?"; and "What was the growth rate in the comparable quarter last year?", could you answer those questions quickly and without stumbling? Many business owners are not tracking these crucial statistics, so when they give me their answer and I check the numbers, they are usually far off. When I ask them, "How predictable and consistent is your profit growth rate?", I hear all kinds of stories as to why there are too many variables. Great companies are able to reliably predict their revenue and are rewarded handsomely when they are ready to sell.

Predictable and Consistent Profits Influence Stakeholders in Different Ways!

Failure to have predictable and consistent profit is a key indicator that means different things to different stakeholders.

• Employees - It causes more job uncertainty, lower trust in leadership, and less feeling of stability. This can lead to higher

swIf yours is like many organizations, you and your competitors are trying to serve a similar purpose to your respective clients. That is true if you look only at the surface. It is how you see the challenge of purpose that counts. Most times I find leaders trapped in a box. That box revolves around existing products and services and does not consider the problems and challenges of people they want to serve.

By finding your organization's unique purpose, you can move with the changing needs of your customers and evolve your products and services. Too often business leaders are trying to force the external world to buy what they want to sell. What they fail to consider is whether what they want to sell is a real need, and whether there is already too much supply solving that need. If the need is already well served or overserved, then pumping more supply into the market without identifying and addressing a new critical need for their buyers will surely result in a painful journey for them and their colleagues.

5 Lenses of Purpose

When working with leaders

scWhen it comes to building a high rise structure, whether it's an office building in the heart of the city or a block of flats on the outskirts of town, you will find that introducing mechanical ventilation can be highly beneficial. Ventilation improves air quality and in buildings where opening windows is a recipe for disaster due to the height, the architect and construction company need to come up with new ways to introduce clean and fresh air into the space.

The first reason you are going to want to consider mechanical ventilation for your building is for the improved indoor air quality. Remember you need to focus on adding ventilation during the building stage. The installation team should work closely with your project manager to ensure that everything happens together to reduce the risk of unwelcome building delays.

The focus of this type of ventilation is to remove allergens from the air. It eliminates pollutants and moisture, leaving everyone inside with clean, crisp and fresh air which is completely safe to breathe. When you are in an enclosed space for long periods, the air can

yu(January 11, 1918 - July 17, 1990) was an American aerospace engineer who worked on safety-critical systems for the U.S. Air Force. He is best known for his namesake Murphy's law, which states, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Murphy regarded the law as crystallizing a key principle of defensive design, in which one should always assume worst-case scenarios.

Keeping Major Murphy's principle in mind, what are the critical steps contractors can take to get their projects off on the right foot, and bring them to a successful conclusion - keeping Murphy's Law out of the equation?

The first key to having a successful contract is to have a contract. It sounds obvious, but contractors are often induced to start the work, or perform change orders / additions to the contract, without an executed document in hand. Maybe the project owner is in a rush, "We need for you to start right away so we can be completed on time."

The contractor wants to maintain good will. They proceed in the hope that their responsiveness will pay off - and sometimes it does. There

1eHow do you know your business is failing? Here are some tips to guide you:

No new customers
As the CEO, you should constantly be talking to potential and new customers. If this has not happened, it either means that your company is not competitive enough in the market or your employees (including you, the boss) are not pulling their weight. Either way this is a huge problem and it could mean that your company could fail unless you can find customers in order to continue to generate revenue.

No public exposure
If your community doesn't know you exist, if you are not listed as a resource in companies in your industry, if your friends and family are not promoting your business to create awareness to draw customers, then your business will be invisible, and it is a sign that something is seriously wrong. In other words, your business should have some exposure, no matter how little to attract your target market.

Repeating mistakes
CEOs and entrepreneurs do not do this on purpose, but if you keep making the same mistakes without realising it, then your company

5wSome of the largest corporations in the world were once housed in small garage apartments. Things change and as companies earn more revenue, invest in new equipment and other assets, they also have to radically alter their plans. If you have a small start-up that has recently seen unprecedented growth, it is important to step back from your operations for a little reflection and some much-needed maintenance.

As earnings increase, you may be tempted to invest in a ton of new tools and resources for enhancing the capabilities and overall efficiency of your company. While there are definite benefits in better-equipping yourself, you have to prepare for the possibilities that your new-found increase in profits may not be as long-running as you'd hoped. This makes it important for newly successful companies to have aggressive savings plans in place that effectively protect them against the unexpected.

Aligning yourself with a reputable, commercial financial planner is a great way to determine which investments are guaranteed to provide the best returns. This professional can make sure that you are on par with your tax payments as well and that

What do you need to do first when you open your business? Typical responses include open a business bank account, create a website, get business cards, design a logo and start networking.

Yup, you need to put all those pieces in place and none of it will make a difference if you don't answer the following three questions first.

1. What do you sell? This includes how it's priced and packaged.

What I see happening again and again is a new entrepreneur gets up the nerve to start networking and talking to people. The conversation goes great. The problem is that they have nothing to offer beyond the conversation. You must have a clear understanding of what product you sell, how someone can pay you for it, and how much it costs in order for the conversation to be productive, and for the person you are speaking with to either get the help they need or help you make connections.

2. Who do you want to work with and, this is super important, who don't you want to work with?

When you are first starting out there is a tendency to say yes to anyone who is willing to pay you. You rationalize it by

3wFor many businesses today, there are many challenges that come along inhibiting success. It is, therefore, important to know the pitfalls that one can run into and the possible solutions. Some of these challenges are:

• Lack of Integrity
• Resource management; borrowing cash
• Increased Competition and Selection
• Customer Loyalty and Marketing
• Uncertainty
• Regulations
• Risk management and problem-solving
• Finding competent staff

These are the main challenges that every business faces or will face. It will only be wise to have a prior understand what they are and hence find a proper way of solving them. No one starts a business to fail but at the same time, challenges are not meant for failing but to sharpen, strengthen and inspire growth. This article goes deeper into each of these setbacks and offers practical solutions for the same.

Challenges and solutions

1. Lack of Integrity

Lack of integrity can put a business on its knees. With the standards of living going up the roof, workers trying to meet their quarterly goals and be successful at the same plus get that little overtime bonus, the temptation